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We’ve set the Patrol up with a Carry Me Camper for our Overland trips around the World, as well as for Australia.

While your's truly had been involved in the design of the first canopy on our Patrol it had never worked out the way I wanted it. With the thought of a rooftop tent and a better designed and laid out canopy and tyre set-up the attraction was just too much.

Carry Me Campers is now based in the South Australian town of Murray Bridge and built by Jacksons 4x4 Accessories (www.carrymecamper.com.au).

Candy CamperThese campers come in a variety of different styles and lengths, including units for standard and dual cab utes as well as for utes that are fitted with a tub tray. We opted for their standard camper unit that is suitable for a dual cab ute trayback. The bed area of these campers protrude over the vehicle cab to give you a full-length bed (6’6”) just like the proven single cab versions.

Our Carry Me Camper Unit set up on the back of our Patrol.

The main part of the box measures 1.65 metres long by 1.83m wide and is just a touch over a metre high. Made from zinc annealed coated steel this unit is a tough and robust box designed for a life time of work and play. Weight of these units (with jacks and tent attached) is 330kg.

Doors on each side lift on gas struts to make access easy while good dust seals ensure the interior stays dust and dirt free. The lockable door handles are easy to use and provide a positive pressure on the seals to ensure a perfect seal.

Normally the camper is designed as a slide-on unit and comes complete with a set of four jacks that allow the camper to be removed from the vehicle when it is not in use or if you want to use the vehicle and you don’t want to move your camp. As we our travels are normally pretty mobile and the camper erects and drops quickly we opted to fit the unit permanently to the Patrol. However if we ever change the vehicle six bolts on each side and the box will lift off.



The inside of the box is cavernous and we set the near side (passenger side of camper) up as a kitchen with a unique slide and tilt tray for Engel fridges which works a treat.

Candy also produce a stainless steel pantry for their campers that includes a fold-down table, three plastic draws, a tub and a cutlery drawer. These units are a little too long if you have a dual cab camper with a fridge already fitted so we opted for a few plastic drawers to fill the available space.

kitchen setup black widow table

Adding to the usability of the kitchen area we’ve added a Black Widow table. These are designed to quickly clip into a couple of small brackets and with their easily extendable legs can be fitted basically anywhere you like.


We included a Candy electrical package into the camper. The normal package includes a fuse box, battery indicator, three power outlets, cargo lights on each of the doors as well as a 3.5amp battery charger and a 75amp/hr deep cycle battery. As we already had a dual battery in the Patrol we passed on the charger and the extra battery.   

spare tyre carrier We mulled over how and where to carry the spare tyres. In the end it was decided to fit them to the very back of the camper on a Candy designed drop-down carrier arrangement. This demands an internal frame at the rear of the camper box to hold the extra weight of the tyres but it is easily fitted. This has proven to be an easy and effective way of carrying the tyres and they are always handy and ready to use. rear setup



Up top, the bed is a Queen size 100mm deep innerspring mattress, or if you prefer there’s a high quality foam mattress available. This is a beauty and is very comfortable.

The tent section of the camper is made from Aussie produced Bradmill canvas with 12oz material for the roof and 8oz material for the walls.

top ventilation


To erect the camper first take the dust cover off the unit and remove the poles and pegs from the box. Hammer a couple of pegs into the ground about three metres out from the front and back of the box of the camper. Fold the tent out from the box and erect a pole and use a rope to hold into position.
Carry Me Camper

Immediately you have shelter over the kitchen area of the camper and the bed is now accessible – after just a couple of minutes. This is all you need to do for an overnight stop as there is plenty of room to dress in the tent section over the bed. The tent area has a large screen door while screened windows at each end give excellent ventilation.


tent side walls

The three external walls can be zipped on and pegged down in a matter of minutes. A draught skirt and a floor can also be attached if required. Spreader poles are also included and while these make the tent of the camper look much better as it stretches the canvas taught, we’ve never used them!  

Packing up is a reverse of the set-up procedure and takes a little more time but is pretty hassle free, which is the way we like it.


Adding to the shade of the Camper or for those times we need a quick shelter from the sun or the rain when the camper isn’t erected we have an easy to erect Black Widow awning. These awnings come in a range of sizes designed to mount on either the sides or the rear of any four wheel drive vehicle. We’ve used them in the past, and found an awning to be invaluable and this unit is simple and very quick to set up while working a treat.


projecta Inside the canopy we’ve added a 1000 watt Projecta inverter www.projecta.com.au to run a range of power tools. This unit is rated to carry a 2000 watt peak load for a short time as well as a 1000 watts continuous load. Still you need some fairly heavy cables supplying an inverter of this capacity so the boys at Outback 4WD done the job of running heavy power cables from the auxillary battery.


water filters travel purifer Finally for our around the world travels, but also more than handy for Australia, we’ve added a water filtration and purification system from Purifiers Australia www.purifiersaustralia.com.au. steripen


Our Carry Me Camper has exceeded all our expectations and now back home after our around the world trip and numerous expeditions in Australia - it is over eight years old and has done about 200,000km – it is still going strong.


carry me camper jacksons 4x4 For more information on the Carry Me Camper range contact Jacksons 4x4 based at Murray Bridge, South Australia, web:


candy canvas

While Candy Canvas no longer manufacture the Candy Camper, they still make an excellent product range of swags, set covers, canvas bags, animal shelters, and much more. For any products from Candy Canvas, check their web at: http://www.candycanvas.com.au

Market Place

For more information contact the following:

ouback 4Wd
Outback 4WD Service Centre: ph: (03) 9720 6226; www.outback4wd.com.au.
rhino rack logo
For info on Rhino Racks check out: www.rhinorack.com.

Piranha Offroad Products: ph: (03) 9762 1200, or www.piranhaoffroad.com.au.

For the full range of Projecta products check out: www.projecta.com.au.

Purifiers Australia supply a wide range of filters and purifiers; Ph: 1300 303 605, or check the web at:
water purifer
General Ecology have a wide range of excellent filters and purifiers; check out: www.generalecology.com.

For more info on the the amazing easy to use and carry Steripen, check out: www.steripen.com

See you in the bush.


Ron and Viv.

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