Blue Rag Track Victoria High Country

Explore remote areas of Australia such as Cape York, the Kimberley,
the Flinders Ranges and Across the Bight & Nullarbor

Comprehensive and up-to-date Australian guidebooks...
backed with over 40 years of travelling & research.

Updated 11/01/2017

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Discover all you need to know to experience an Australian outback adventure holiday with our Australia guidebooks - four wheel driving (4WD), touring, camping, fishing, accommodation, facilities, services, access, and much more. We have specific guidebooks for Across the Bight & Nullarbor, Cape York, the Kimberley, the Flinders Ranges and more!

 Also learn how to cook easily while on the road and camping with Viv's Cookbooks - Outdoor Cookbook & Travellers' Cookbook.    

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